Building Physics

Building Physics

Competent advice in the fields of thermal and sound insulation and moisture protection.

  • Cross-discipline construction project evaluation in terms of constructional physics and optimisation of the overall energy efficiency of the building
  • Measurement of constructional physics parameters
  • Expert opinion


Thermal Building Physics

We verify the observance of the necessary thermal insulation at all planning stages.

  • Evaluation of the summer thermal insulation
  • Verification of constructional details.
  • Vapour diffusion calculations
  • Calculation of thermal bridges (2- and 3 dimensional)
  • Investigation of thermodynamic influences on room hygiene and thermal comfort
  • Creating hermetic concepts

Building and room acoustics

We conduct building acoustical evaluations and plan the necessary sound insulation (air and footfall insulation) in all planning stages.

Regarding room acoustics, we plan the room acoustic parameters to improve the acoustic comfort in the rooms (acoustic quality, noise reduction).

  • Measurement and calculation of building and room acoustic parameters
  • Dimensioning the sound insulation under observance of special user requirements (confidentiality, acoustic quality)

Technical sound insulation

We support the planning of building installations with regard to avoiding sound transmission

  • Dimensioning the technical sound insulation for building installation components (sound insulation, vibration decoupling)
  • Acoustic technical verification of building installations

Immission protection

We establish sound immission prognoses and evaluate the acoustic situation in the neighbouring areas in accordance with the guideline of the Austrian Work Ring for Noise Management (ÖAL) no. 3 and we plan the active and passive sound insulation.

  • Sound propagation (trades, leisure time, industry and traffic)
  • Creating environment, conflict and grid noise maps
  • Planning the active and passive sound insulation
  • Environment measurements

Energy efficiency

We plan and optimise the overall energy efficiency of the building

  • Energy certificate
  • Thermal renovation of old buildings
  • Ecology and sustainability
  • Certification

Building Diagnostics

Detailed evaluation and documentation of buildings

  • Airborne sound and footfall sound measurement
  • Thermographic measurement
  • Moisture measurement
  • Blower door measurement

Building physics workshop

To accompany you in the architecture panning, we offer a detailed workshop in the early planning stages, where fundamental detailed constructional physics, statistical, fire protection and structural points are discussed. This cross-discipline procedure or holistic approach especially helps raise the awareness of the various actors for the other areas of expertise.

Our Equipment

Measuring instruments

Building acoustics and sound insulation

  • Brüel & Kjaer Bauart 2250, sound level meter
  • Brüel & Kjaer Omni Power 4296, dodecahedral loudspeaker
  • NORSONIC NOR 277, tapping machine


  • Testo 880-3 professional Set, thermographic camera

Construction diagnosis

  • TROTEC T260 infrared thermal hygrometer
  • TROTEC T60 moisture indicator
  • TROTEC T650 material moisture meter
  • MOIST-200 B-Set, material moisture measurement
  • PCE-VE videoscope
  • HOBO U12, datalogger Temp./RH
  • TROTEC DL 100, datalogger Temp./RH









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