Special Structures


Alpha Mobile - Car Trailers for events
Planning: Holodeck Architects (2002)


Tent-constructions/ Marquees

Marquees and temporary structures have been an important part of our business since the very beginning. The calculation and construction of lightweight structures for Red Bull for Formula 1, Air Race, Moto GP, etc. have made us experts in this field. Others include our tent structures for temporary offices for various companies such as Media Markt, Saturn, Hofer, Spar, Merkur as well as event-tents for the Austrian Ski Federation.

Through our expertise in this area, we can bring temporary buildings to event locations and amusement parks based on the Austrian standardization committee’s ON-AG 184 15 regulation.

Climbing Halls

Due to our activities in static calculation and inspections of existing substructures of various climbing-facilities, a wealth of experience has been accrued. The considerable complexity of the 3-D geometry of climbing walls and substructures requires great care and detailed knowledge from the outset. We are happy to support our customers in the planning and execution of these structures.

Due to our know-how, we can install mountaineering- equipment, climbing facilities and ropes courses in accordance with the Austrian standardization committee’s ON-AG 184 19 regulation.


Wooden-Structure Engineering

Timber-construction and timber-engineering are becoming increasingly important in our current requirements for an increasingly sustainable economy as well as the reduction of CO² emissions. Dr. Klaus Petraschka’s discipline as a civil engineer, his relevant dissertation, his various publications on the subject of wood, as well as his activities as a university assistant and lecturer at the Vienna University of Technology all embody our foundation of expertise and work. With this, our company is committed in placing a very high priority on the wooden materials.



From a structural engineering point of view, art and the support of artists is very important to us. Installations and works of art in the public and private space should focus heavily on stability. In regards to this, it is necessary to fulfill certain calculations and regulatory requirements.

Among our many projects are the Solar Tree by Ross Lovegrove in front of the MAK, the rotating chains of an installation in Krems, the hanging anchor balls in a private home in Spain and the Dürer-rabbits on the Albertina in Vienna.

The collaboration with artists is always great fun!

Inflatable structures

Inflatable structures are pneumatically (pre-)tensioned support structures, which often take shape as inflated air-supported spaces with fans in continuous operation.

Inflatable structures are seen as a wide range of different pneumatically (pre-)tensioned structures, often used in the context of textile architecture. Air overpressure in a closed membrane shell can be used to exert pressure against external loads of dead weight, wind, snow, etc., resulting in a stable supporting structure. The shells or membranes are largely kept under tensile stress by internal pressure and naturally try to take on a round shape. By using appropriate materials, however, a variety of shapes is achievable.

Air structures are an inexpensive and quickly assembled alternative to solid structures. They are therefore frequently used as temporary accommodation for warehouses, exhibition halls, military operations or sports halls, as well as temporary mass accommodation for major events and as emergency accommodation for homeless people or refugees.


Youtube - Pneumatische Membrantragwerke mit RF-FORMFINDUNG | #Dlubal Software
[Pneumatic membrane structures with RF-FORMFINDING]



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