Construction Coordination

Project Management

Acquisition of legal building obligations, insertion of a planning coordinator along with a site coordinator.

Planning Coordination

  • Coordination and implementation of the general principles of prevention, detailed design and preparation of the construction project.
  • Drawing up of safety and health plans as well as ensuring their consideration by the client.
  • Assembling a document for subsequent works as a form of documentation for the user in regards to safety-related components that are being/ have been operated and maintained. 

Construction Work Coordination

  • Coordination of the general principles of prevention during technical and organizational planning, and also in the division of work and its implementation.
  • Coordination of the rules governing the construction site concerned primarily around health and safety.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the proper application of working procedures.
  • Ensuring that employers and self-employed individuals apply the corresponding safety and health plans along with the general principles of risk-prevention.
  • Ensure mutual information among employers and self-employed individuals working on the site.
  • Adaptation of safety, health plans and general support, taking into account the stage of work and any changes that may arise.
  • Ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed onto the construction site.

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