Danube Bridge Linz

Donaubrücke, 4020 Linz


The idea: Asymmetrical Two-Bow hybrid structure in a constructive basis of the listed railway bridge (not implemented)

Span of the main arch: 200m, height 20m, bridge width: 10m, road width: 7m

Press Releases:

New bridge:
ÖON - nachrichten.at, 09/19/2014

Parisian architect designs new bridge over the Danube:
Kurier, 09.18.2014
oö.orf.at, 09/18/2014
OÖN - nachrichten.at, 09/18/2014

Older posts
oö.orf.at, 01/24/2014
OÖN - nachrichten.at, 02/12/2013

Link to the same organization:

Bridge-Annex Klosterneuburg

Klosterneuburg Annex/ Bridge-Annex, 3400 Klosterneuburg


Connecting bridge between two office buildings


Our areas of responsibility: review during construction, structural engineering

Planning: GAP ZT GmbH

Margaretensteg Vienna

Margaretensteg Vienna/ Margaretensteg, 1050 Wien

Competition 2009

Footbridge over the Margaretengürtel


Our areas of responsibility: structural engineering

Architecture: grundstein ZT KG

Bridge between 2 buildings Vienna

Connection Vienna/ the Compressed Space, 1030 Vienna

Competition 2008

Bridge between 2 buildings


Our areas of responsibility: structural engineering

Planning, Rendering: HOLODECK architects ZT GmbH

Artistic Idea: Gerold Tagwerker


Donausteg Linz

Donaubridge Linz/ Donaubridge, 4020 Linz

Competition 2005

Cable-stayed bridge as an efficient structural system, the bridge will appear as a separate building, spanning large distances elegantly with a low structural height.

Rotating-dock Vienna

Rotating-dock Vienna/ Rotating-dock, 1140 Vienna


Concept of a rotatable Bach Bridge


Our areas of responsibility: static supervision

Planning: Gaupenraub

Skywalk Vienna

Skywalk Vienna/ Skywalk Spittelau, 1190 Wien

General Planner competition 2003

Pedestrian- and cyclist bridge of the U4 / U6 station, incorporated in a complex context of bridge and road crossings

Participants of the 2nd stage were:

  • Bulant & Wailzer, Wagner, Fritsch
  • Gmeiner Mug, ARGE burner, Humer
  • Holinsky, Zeininger architects
  • Ground squirrel, Syka, silver
  • Hild und K Architects, Seeberger Friedl and Partners

Our contribution was support as a specialist juror.

Images of the winning project by:  Bulant & Wailzer, Wagner, Fritsch

Bypass Linz

Bypass Linz/ “Bypass” to the Voest-bridge, 4020 Linz

Competition 2013

Two additional Autobahn-bridges with pedestrian and bicycle connections over the Donau.


Our and backbone zt GmbH's areas of responsiblity: structural engineering

Competition Community: HOLODECK Architects ZT GmbH, backbone zt GmbH, KPPK Ziviltechniker GmbH

Design, Renderings: HOLODECK Architects ZT GmbH

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