Scope of testing of structural assessments: The scope of testing as well as the depth of inspectiosn of the structural assessments are regulated by OIB guideline 1 and ÖNORM B 1998-3 (especially annex B). However, the building sections affected by the respective construction project should definitely be covered. Required measures vary from ceiling-/ masonry appraisals over on-site visits to static calculations – dependant on project scope.

Notification of Completion: The civil engineer confirms the approved implementation of a construction project correspondent to the building regulations. The building regulations include the legal building code as well as OIB guidelines and ÖNORM directives.

In regards to the question in which a cases measure can still be described as compliant with the building regulations or according to plan, regulations for tolerances in accordance with the state of the art can be applied. Although It is necessary to explicitly point out that tolerances only cover eligible discrepancies during implementation. There are no tolerances for the planned measures concerning building regulations, viz. planning errors cannot be compensated by tolerances. Also, the planned measures are the finished dimensions of the components, viz. all building component layers have to be considered. Fillings, coatings, etc. cannot be included in tolerances. (cf. Kammer der Architekten und Ingenieurkonsulenten für Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland: Erläuterung des Leistungsbildes des Prüfingenieurs gemäß Bauordnung für Wien. 15.10.2014)
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