Paternity Leave is common practice in Scandinavian countries. In Austria however, their popularity has grown slowly. The parental leave can be divided into three phases, each one of them needing to last at least two months. Overall, parental leave can last until the child reaches the age of two. Please note: to assert your claims, it is indispensable to inform your employer about your plans on time. During the paternity leave, the parent staying at home has the right to receive child care allowance. You can choose between the income-dependent and the non income-dependent alternative. Even though it is still a rare phenomenon in Austria, kppk zt gmbh recently had two fathers on paternity leave.

Critical remark of the management:

Maternity leaves are predictable, so maternity protection and the following work loss are easy to manage for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) since maternity covers can be hired. In the case of a beneficial development, this person can be taken over by the company later.

For paternity leaves of e.g. two months, the situation is different. Due to the fact that the entire company has to compensate for the absence, placing a significant burden on the other employees, the impression of a performance loss and potential extra hours can occur.

Nevertheless, we are happy about every new little citizen and will continue to support our moms and dads… :)

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