Despite all the challenges, the construction of the "Hochsitz-Pavillons" for the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo began in January. Congratulations to the team of Loidl GmbH, who have set everything in motion again and are therefore about to complete the 'Nations Village'.

Since 2013, these innovative - temporary - building constructions have been used, ongoing additions and have been used at various venues:

  • Sochi & Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
  • Commonwealth Games Glasgow
  • Rio at the Summer Olympics
  • Americas Cup Bermuda

All components for this are manufactured in Austria and designed in such a way that they can be reused. In the meantime, several 1000 m² in different combinations of the "Hochsitz 1.0" - one - and two-storey - are used as pavilions for nations teams, TV stations, international corporate representations as well as for aqencies.

For the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the "Hochsitz 2.0" was also developed, which is built as a mobile steel-glass construction. This much can be revealed: a two-storey 20 x 60 m steel-glass cube with a 4K-LED wall as a curtained facade looks spectacularly good ...

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