As part of this year's “Aufzugstag” of the TÜV Austria, Mr. DI Dr. Klaus Petraschka was asked to comment on the revised Ö-Norm En 81-77 from the point of view of a civil engineer and to evaluate the impact on everyday practice. Together with DI Dr. Stefan Steller (MA37), the influencing factors, boundary conditions and classifications of the elevator systems in new buildings and in existing buildings were examined in a double conference.

As a result of the existing earthquake zone, the damage sequence class, the minimum and required earthquake capacity, the building ground classes, the geometry of the building and the value of the elevator system, the results and use cases were shown. In order to clarify the applications and designs, a fact sheet of the MA37 will be prepared for Vienna by the end of the year.

The number matrix shown serves as an orientation in which variance of the influencing factors, which significance category for the elevator system becomes beating.

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