On 14 May 2020, the Budget Committee discussed the climate, environment and energy budget as follows: domestic environmental support recorded the largest increase in the environmental budget, with the estimate rising by 62.8%, i.e. from € 112.6 million to € 183.3 million compared to the preliminary success of the previous year. This includes funds for the promotion of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. https://www.ots.at/presseaussendung/OTS_20200514_OTS0239/umweltbudget-gewessler-will-klimapolitische-schwerpunkte-im-konjunkturprogramm-setzen

On the basis of a project, we can now check the performance and cost structure of a plant for the first time, as well as analyse the daily, monthly and annual evaluations of the plant in detail and create a calibrated amortisation calculation using our tool R.O.S.E.

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