In collaborating with developers, architects and specialist engineers, KPPK Ziviltechniker GmbH have been helping shape the process of planning and construction since 2005, and in doing so have created visions and thus efficient solutions for active climate protection.

In particular, the ecological and economical use of renewable energies such as solar energy, ambient air heat or geothermal energy is a central theme.

To this end, an Excel‐based software solution (R.O.S.E. ®) was created to compare alternative energy sources with thermal energy sources in order to be able to determine the exact amortisation times already at the beginning of a project on the basis of a cash value method.

Additional subsidies, energy price developments and interest rate developments can also be priced in to enable long‐term statements to be made.

An additional feature allows the CO² savings to be outlined on a percentage basis and priced in also with future effect.

In a further step, the construction methods and materials are included in the CO² evaluation by means of data‐based parameters.

KPPK Ziviltecniker GmbH cooperates with klimaativ in the area of construction and renovation with regard to the dissemination of the klimaaktiv building standards and a holistic view of the impact of CO².

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