The "Richter Schule am Kinkplatz" is looking for a new role. The school on the Kinkplatz has been emtpy for almost two years and is visibly deteriorating.

This formerly award-winning architectural jewel from the year 1995, which served as a model for a new, light flooded school structure, is now disused.

Many contradictory descriptions have been attributed to the building: excellent, pioneering, glasshouse, maintenance heavy, accoustic nightmare, overheated...however, it is definitely: unique, worth maintraining an probaly also a monument.

What use could one imagine for such a challenging building? An expert workshop was onrganised to answer this question, gathering many paricipants from the sector such as former employees and cunsultants of Helmut Richter, appraisers, representatives from the Austrian Architects Association, the ÖGVA, and the Austrian Chamber of Architects and Consultant Engineers.

We were able to offer our expertise in the context of an extensive appraisal that we prepared in 2016, defining the necessary measures for renovation, valorisation an improvement.


derPlan48 "Bangen um ein visionäres baukulturelles Denkmal" - Seite 6

Helmut Richters Schule am Kinkplatz in Wien 14

Pro & Kontra: Helmut Richters Schule am Wiener Kinkplatz

Schule am Kinkplatz: Preisgekrönte Nutzlosigkeit

Photo: Manfred Seidl

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