According to the latest fire statistics [1], only in Cyprus, Israel and the Netherlands do fires occur more often per 1000 inhabitants than in Austria.

Approx 25,000 fires occur in this country each year, about half of which cause only minor damage.

However, overall the total fire damage for the whole of Austria amounts to €218,018,000 per year.

Every year 50 to 100 people die from fires, while some 300 people are seriously injured.

The production of smoke presents the greatest danger.

In addition to carbon monoxide, large amounts of toxic gases are released in a fire due to the high plastic content in buildings.

Although fighting fires and rescuing people, animals and property is primarily the job of the fire brigade,

every single one of us can significantly help avoid fires and prevent fire disasters through proper behaviour and the correct use of first fire-extinguishing aids

(e.g. portable fire extinguishers, wall hydrants).


Our employees have completed fire-fighting drills in the ADSUM Brandschutzakademie in order to be prepared for emergencies.




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