The ground was broken on 6 November 2018 for the revitalisation of the legendary Belvedere Stöckl in the Schwarzenberg Gardens.

The old Stöckl, which is located on Prince Eugen Straße in the Landstraße district and has become run-down over the years, will have new life breathed into it and will be given an annex to accommodate up to 270 persons as well as its own in-house brewery.

Furthermore, it is not only the Stöckl itself that is the subject of renovation work but also the approximately 3000 sqm Gastgarten outdoor dining area, which offers space for around 300 guests, and its fountains.

The opening of the restaurant and outdoor dining area is planned for autumn 2019, according to host family Welledits.

We are already looking forward to a new excursion destination in Vienna and being able to enjoy a cool, home-brewed beer or an organic cider in the shade of the park!


Our areas of responsibility: building physics, building technology, fire prevention planning, testing engineer, structual engineering

Architecture, Renderings: Hoppe architekten ZT GmbH

Client: Hoppe architekten ZT GmbH


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