If a building contractor is considering how they can contribute to the required energy transition with their construction project and

so decides on a photovoltaic system, they can apply for grants for the construction or the feed-in tariff.


There is currently about 15 million (Ökostrom AG) in a general funding pot and 4.3 million available as KPC ² (Kommunalkredit Public Consulting) in another funding pot.

PV plants to supply a 170,000 KW peak were erected in Austria in 2019.

This corresponds to about 20,000 PV plants with a 5-10 KW peak for a single-family home.

A 107,000 KW peak was funded with a tariff subsidy and a 33,00 KW peak with investment funding.

This corresponds to about 17,500 plants and about 87% of the constructed plants.


More information at: www.pvaustria.at


Graphic made available by Bundesverband Photovoltaic Austria

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